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New Tea Rating & Review Website Oct. 10th, 2009 @ 07:47 pm
This community doesn't seem very active any more but I thought it couldn't hurt to throw this out there anyway. I've cross-posted this to a few other communities.

I recently launched a website for rating and reviewing teas. It's meant for anyone who drinks tea, not just connoisseurs or experts:


Hopefully you will enjoy my website! The website is very young and growing rapidly both in features and content. I've been able to be very responsive to requests so far. If a brand of tea or a particular tea is not listed and you want to rate it, there's a suggestion form and I will add it ASAP. I am listing everything from supermarket brands of teabag tea up through high-end loose teas, single-estate and rare teas. I hope to soon have local listings for tea houses and tea shops too.

The website also has information about different styles of tea, such as black tea, green tea, oolong tea, etc. and goes into further detail, i.e. Keemun Hao Ya A, Shou Mei White Tea, etc. The site also lists herbal teas. Teas are also classified by region, with a bit of information about each tea-producing region.

I am progressively adding more information as I add more teas, and as I do my own reading and research about tea.

:-) Enjoy! And drink lots of tea! :-)
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STeaP : The Tea Vodcast Dec. 17th, 2007 @ 02:30 pm
Hi all! Wanted to give a shoutout to a tea podcast that I co-host with a friend that has a little over a dozen episodes under the belt, and we're giving away tea prizes in our first episode of the New Year (The Tea Showdown of 2007/8). Here's a taste of what we're all about, and we'd love to have lots of tea drinkers enter our contest to win free tea, tea paraphernalia and t-shirts!

This particular episode has a special guest musician at the start who wrote a fun ditty about our podcast:

Want in on the contest? Email us with your entry for the best tea ever by December 21st to steap@steaptv.com!

B's Teas website Dec. 7th, 2006 @ 03:33 am

new tea store, B's Teas is open for business. check it out!

New Tea Site Directory Nov. 16th, 2006 @ 05:42 pm
Hey all,

I am part of a team building a new web directory for tea related sites at thebestoftea.com. We want to build a directory for the tea consumers (addicts) like ourselves, where we can submit reviews of vendors and their products and search for a specific type of tea and see what vendors carry it. If you are interested, head over to http://www.thebestoftea.com/ and check it out, find something new, submit links and reviews, give us some feedback!



New! Nov. 16th, 2005 @ 08:44 pm
Hello. I'm new. I'm trying to get over my coffee addiction by changing to tea (btw, it's not working very well). I know caffeine is caffeine, but tea seems to be healthier.

Problem is, I've only ever had five kinds of tea. They are beginning to taste sort of bland by now.

Green chai
Orange Peoke

I have a tea flower, it's all shrivelled up in a bag, but I don't know how to work it so in the ba it stays. It's rose or something. I had a clover one, but it didn't bloom in the water.


1. What is everyone's favourite flavour of tea? I'm looking for something new and interesting, but easy to find at first, until I can find an actual tea store where I live.

2. Is bagged tea less tasty as the tea that you have to put in a strainer?

3. What do you like to eat with your favoutire tea?
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» Call to Pu-Erh lovers
Hey everyone!

With the moderator's permission, I'd like to tell you about puerh_tea, a new LJ Community I've created for lovers of pu-erh/puerh/puer tea. I'm hoping it will become a forum for reviews, recommendations, and information about puerh teas, vendors, factories, brewing techniques, teapots, and so forth. So please, by all means, join and get some discussions going!

If you want more information about what pu-erh is, check out this wikipedia article on pu-erh, and consider giving it a try.

Thank you, and please forgive any cross-posting!
» (No Subject)
Hi, everyone, I own a tea house at Wichita Kansas, it's called Chelmsford Tea. I'm a crazy tea lover, so open the tea house is kinda like an excuse for me the collect teas. and you know what? now, I have the widest tea selection in the midwest!!! I'm really pround of myself, when I think about that. :D heehee, well, I recently opened a ebay online store, to sell teas, It's called Darlene's Tea Port, basicly, it's an online store the directly connected to my tea house, which means, any kind tea, you name it, I have it. ^_____^ The reason I open the ebay store is that many of my costumers told me that it would be very nice to be able to just get the teas you want online, and wait for it to arrive at home. XD Heehee

well, I wish you guys would go check it out, and wish you like it, if there s any question that you want to ask, or any tea that you are looking for, but i don't have it in the ebay store, or any suggestion, feel free to leave a command in this entry, and I will do my best. ^______^

sorry, if I spamed the community, i just thought that we all love tea, and you might want to know a good place to get the tea you want easily. I really don't mean to spam or anything.

Thank you for your time ^__^

the store address:

Dear friends!
I am new in this society, however, not the first day in the tea market.
I would be very greatful to you for some advice and help.
The Russian tea market is very capricious and the competitorship is very high. For three months I have been trying to find the adequate English tea supplier (at least the German one). What I mean by the "adequate" - it is QUALITY and PACKAGING. The most important thing is ORIGINALITY in order to stand out in the market. Definitely, the supplier shouldn't have any distributors in Russia yet. And what is more important, it must offer a wide range for the HoReCa (hotels, restaurants, cafes) business. We are less interested in retail.
At the moment the German teas are extremely popular in Moscow, these are Ronnenfeldt and Geschwendtner. Their main advantage is an outstanding elite-looking package (glossy cup teabags, long teabags for the teapots being individually packed and tagged - you can see them almost in every Moscow cafe or restaurant)). It is necessary to mention that the teapot teabags are EXTREMELY important!
We are also interested in the leaf tea.
All in all, we need black tea (3-4 different variants), green (with and without addings), fruit and herbal teas. But in the original packaging!
You would really save me if you advise me some companies!!

Thanks in advance!
» (No Subject)
My Grandparents have given me their two little (2 Cup) teapots-oh such memories...my first cup came from one of those pots...

In fact, I am making a pot right now... gold tipped Yunan...two lumps...
» (No Subject)
I just finished a cup of some Russian tea I picked up this morning, it is some sort of an African blend. I'm sure it had a bit of chamomile as I am feeling sleepy now. Goodnight..
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