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Call to Pu-Erh lovers - Make us a cuppa

About Call to Pu-Erh lovers

Previous Entry Call to Pu-Erh lovers Nov. 15th, 2005 @ 11:36 pm Next Entry
Hey everyone!

With the moderator's permission, I'd like to tell you about puerh_tea, a new LJ Community I've created for lovers of pu-erh/puerh/puer tea. I'm hoping it will become a forum for reviews, recommendations, and information about puerh teas, vendors, factories, brewing techniques, teapots, and so forth. So please, by all means, join and get some discussions going!

If you want more information about what pu-erh is, check out this wikipedia article on pu-erh, and consider giving it a try.

Thank you, and please forgive any cross-posting!
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